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The Library catalogue contains more than 119,000 bibliographical references. Every area of knowledge is represented but particular emphasis is placed on history, law, economics, statistics and texts from international organisations. There is also an “Antique Book Collection” of preserved works from the 15th to 18th centuries.

It is also possible to access a bulletin with the contents pages of journals and a display of the latest monographs acquired by the Assembleia da República.

Legislação Régia (Royal Legislation) is a database of legislation from 1603 to 1910 which also includes the 1512 Manueline Ordinances. It contains digitised text and enables searches to be made via a web platform. Users can search the indexes or perform free text searches in the original spelling, while the database fields entitled "Ato legislativo" ('legislative act') and "Entidade" ('entity') can be searched using today's spelling. It is possible to browse the indexes and pages of the original documents, view documents in a high definition format, print one or more pages or whole documents or download documents in PDF format.